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if we can't fix it..
nobody can.

specialized support

We have the best known strategy for virus removal and upgrades on computers (desktops & laptops). Our methodology places us at the forefront of our competitors propelling us to understand the bio-cyber connection between hardware and software like no other on earth. We’re known as the technology whisperers of the corporate world. 


We have developed our own in-house system that tracks and monitors progress of problems logged within it. A system that we have customized to our exact need and requirements which specifically assists us to address and control resolutions for each and every case that gets logged with us. 


With this service, we are able to remotely log on a phone, tablet or computer and repair it as if it were in our repair lab. All that’s needed is an internet connection. This service is available FREE to clients that have a website domain hosted with us. 


Support Through Internet

As long as your device has an internet connection, our SKY Support Team will be able to access it and apply a resolution to your problem 80% of the time.

The remaining 20% of resolution depends if the problem is not very complicated from viruses.


SKY Branch Quality of Service

Our SKY Support Branch has the combination of technicians and the ability to escalate problems to specialists while on a support resolution call. Our calls are all recorded for maximum quality resolution.

Weram clients are also given an option to rate services received to ensure complete satisfaction is achieved.


SKY Support VERSUS Onsite Support

Our SKY Support Branch offers a range of featured benefits that much outweigh traditional onsite support. The most notable are time to repair (the duration of resolving your IT problem) and cost to repair. The SKY Branch has the ability to log into a smart phone, tablet or iPad, desktop and laptop computer all at the same time without travelling to site making it the fastest method of resolution. Since it is FREE to Weram customers that have at least one paid domain coupled with no travelling fees, it’s by far the cheapest method of support.

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