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The upside about hiring our services is that clients receive an all integrated specialized solution. Specialized in multiple disciplines, Weram offers real time support in IT security, technical support, discounted hardware and software among other services such as business systems consulting, design and development etc. We currently represent a fully functional internal department for clients with staff member bases exceeding 100 employees in each. It does not matter if your business is scaled large looking to cut costs and improve efficiency or if you are a startup (small) needing a dedicated I.T function, we WILL fill the gap perfectly!

Save on costs and time by getting our team of professionals as your personal I.T Department. We will represent you in all your areas of concern. 

Top reasons to outsource to us...

Outsourcing your I.T requirements to us is like having us as your personalised, internal I.T department but only better. When we take over your I.T functions, we offer our full spectrum of specialized services from all disciplines of technology at phenomenal rates. The Weram Triopolis Infrastructure is our world class internal admin, sales and operations digital infrastructure. A combination of #WeramWorld (electronic commerce sales store & in-house CRM), #WeramBusiness (our fully automated billing & cloud based department) and #MyWeram (a fully enhanced operations cloud based system – completely customized to our desired specification). The Weram Triopolis enables us to perform up to 85% faster than any our competitors with up to 200% more efficiency. We operate literally as an internal I.T department and dedicated Chief Information Officer for your business.   

NO Recruitment

Avoid expensive recruitment processes and HR burdens that come with managing internal I.T staff as well as enjoying the benefits of full in-house technical skills as if you had a personal, fully fledged I.T department.

Full Turnkey Instant I.T Dept.

We already have all the specialists, processes and equipment in place. Your I.T department can be ready instantly without setup hassles, frustrations and concerns.


Everything under one roof & all under your control, all the time.

When Weram is your internal I.T dept, you will have access to #MyWeram, putting you in charge of problems giving you the ultimate cockpit control with our combined skill base instead of spending a fortune hiring these skills sets individually.

The Cost Efficient Solution

We have distribution partnerships with some of the largest I.T suppliers and vendors in the world. This enables our clients to purchase hardware and software at the best prices often at wholesaler rates!

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