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the story of our evolution

Weram Graphic and Website Designs (close corporation) was established and registered in January 2000. Based in Gauteng, South Africa, Weram transformed over 2 decades into a specialized, multi disciplined business transforming over 400 brands internationally. Now, officially recognized as The Weram Group International (trading name), the business continues to evolve.

Below is the timeline of our evolution.

January 2000

Weram Graphics is Established
(Weram Technical Division)

Established with the main service being graphic and website design, computer repairs and network support.

November 2005

Comedic is Established
(Weram Technical Division)

Operating side by side with Weram Graphics (design division) Comedic considered Weram Technical at this point, focuses on PC repairs and desktop troubleshooting.

February 2006

Cleanweb is Established 
(Web Hosting Division)

Web domain and hosting division is established with clients throughout all the provinces in South Africa.

March 2007

PC Care is Established
(Comedic's name is changed). The technical division is modified and enhanced.

PC Care Services, Network installation and support. The introduction of first world PC virus removal technology is established.

April 2008

The Genius Lab. is Established
(IT Security Division

Extensive I.T Systems Security as well as highly advanced specialized forensic data recovery services included in the default I.C.T security services offering.

July 2008

Jadea Enterprises is Established
(PC Hardware Division)

Desktop Hardware, Modems, Routers, Monitors and PC Accessories.

July 2010

Automation Leader
(Office Automation Specialist Division)

The introduction of multi-functional (4-in-1) printer suppliers, services and maintenance as well as Teleswitchboard (Local PABX or Hosted PABX Systems Nationwide).

September 2011

Volt Online 
(Data Storage Division) 

Local backup systems as well as cloud backup solutions for SME (Small Medium Enterprises), ME (Medium Entreprises) as well as LE (Large Enterprises). This division has access to facilitate backup storage by up to 1 exabyte per client.

January 2013

SAP Synergy
(Business intelligence Division)

Training and Consulting in:

May 2017

More features and technology fuses with Weram Graphics division to rebrand this new division namely as, Creative Culture (Design and Development Division)

Developement, Design and Multimedia Production are brought in one division to increase operations productivity. Mobile and Desktop Applications and in-house platforms are produced and licensed under one brand.

October 2018


All our divisions formed over the years have now amalgamated into one single macro service provider (Being Weram) with all the internal operations functioning at full capacity allowing faster delivery and often more accurate resolution than ever before. Since all the divisions formed over the years are now functioning as internal departments, Weram is officially the premium service provider of choice delivering high end solutions according to budget and quality of the highest standard.

September 2019

Special Adapted Departments

Client Service Dept. ★ Call Desk & Meetings
Acc Dept. ★ (Quote/Invoice) Back Office Staff
Technical Dept. ★ Back Office Staff
Creative Dept. ★ Back Office Staff
Management Dept. ★ Back Office Control
Security Dept. ★ Back Office Staff

Florida Office (Operations)

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Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday (8am to 4pm)
Closed on South African Public Holidays