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protect & prevent

insulate from terror

Everyday The Weram Group International protects countless of users in a large number of corporations of all sizes by maintaining strict monitoring technology allowing for a bullet proof environment.

asset management

We have stealth technology together with other advanced micro manufactured hardware that gives us the ability to help you track all valuable assets from shoes, jewelry and animals to bicycles, phones and computers. The list of assets to track is endless. We can track by a number of methods from a GPS (Global Positioning System) to Triangulation via last connectivity radius. Speak to us on sales@weram.co.za to setup a consultation to explain more.

risk management

We install the most advanced firewall systems known to mankind backed by penetration testing and analysis. Our consultants also provide activity monitoring audits to report on user activity, network traffic and hardware or software change notification services. Our service includes the integration of biometric and drone surveillance systems. We also render tracking of hardware like phones and laptops allowing for the camera on a phone or tablet or laptop to capture a photo of the person in possession of the device and send it to the device owner further providing the ability to remove the data remotely from the lost or stolen device. 

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